Kodiak Island WildSource

Wild Alaska Seafood, Direct from the Source.

Welcome to Kodiak Island WildSource. Located in the center of one of the earth's richest supply of sustainable wild seafood, Kodiak Island WildSource is setting new standards for high quality Alaskan seafood.  We specialize in wild Alaskan salmon, a nutritional powerhouse, considered by cooks and consumers to be the finest salmon in the world. We use the latest technology in harvesting and processing in order to ensure we preserve the natural quality of our wild seafood products. 

We are a vertically integrated company- WE CATCH, WE PROCESS, WE SHIP DIRECT- no middle men.

As Alaskan Natives, we have over 7,500 years of rich traditions harvesting and processing from the sea- it is what we know.

Customer service, product quality and stewardship of our precious natural resources are the core values of our business.

Our company supports native Alaskan fishing families and encourages youth participation in the fisheries.

Product lines include a variety of fresh frozen Alaskan seafood species in fillets, portions and smoked forms.

Wild, Natural, and Sustainable

Sun'aq Tribal Enterprises, Inc.
312 West Marine Way
Kodiak, Alaska 99615